Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Beautiful Bride

Check out the lovely photos sent to me by Yami in Florida - a happy customer and beautiful bride. She's wearing a Maxine in Trousers one of a kind Deco Bridal Fascinator.

Sporting feathers to both her wedding and her honeymoon, Yami gets the most for her money! Way to budget and look adorable in this economy.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


It wasn't as if I had high hopes for Public Enemies - I should say that I'm not a fan of Michael Mann (both director and writer of this movie). However, I thought I'd be entertained for 2+ hours. I found myself laughing at inappropriate moments, mostly because the dialogue was so unbelievable and stilted.

Not even Johnny Depp (LOVE HIM!!!) could save this movie. He was awesome as usual and his co-stars gave good performances too. I enjoyed watching doe eyed beauty, Marion Cotillard, my runner up girl crush after Zooey Deschanel. Christian Bale was tense and focused as the G-Man in charge of getting Dillinger. Numerous favorites had cameos too - Giovanni Ribisi, Lili Taylor, Billy Crudup (creepy as Hoover), Stephen Lang (of Crime Story - one of the only Mann projects I liked), even Diana Krall as a nightclub singer.

The stars, costumes, props, locations - all fantastic and still this movie was a flop. Michael Mann just regurgitates his cliche-ridden, formulaic nonsense - good guy, bad guy, shoot up, love story, bloodshed, the end. This might have worked in the 1930's when movies were young and gangster films were at their bloom but it left me feeling like there was so much potential and no delivery.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy Independence Day!!!

Summer is finally here even if you couldn't tell by the weather in Boston! Bar-b-que's, fireworks, picnics, maybe some swimming and hopefully some sun. That's what most people want on the 4th of July.

I'd like to take some time to remember our soldiers who can't celebrate with us at home. While female pin-ups aren't for everyone (sorry straight gals!), I think they're amazing! Check out Gina Elise's Pin Ups for Vets Her site struck me as that wonderful combination of retro, fun, and patriotic. It may be considered risque, but while she's boosting morale of soldiers serving overseas, she's supporting health care for vets - something all Americans should want to do. Cheers to Gina Elise!

In the same vein, there's Pinups for Troops - a modern take on morale boosting pinups of the 1940's. Not to be confused with The Pin-Ups for the Troops project - also a morale booster, this one recreates Gil Elvgren paintings and includes a section of male pinups! Proceeds from sales of the books are donated to Fisher House.

So, if you want to support our service men and women or show your patriotism, why not get a beautiful pinup calendar you can ogle year round? In the spirit of the holiday, and good old retro fun, here are some patriotic pinups:

Happy 4th!